What is Asorbio?

ASORBIO is the trade name we have given to zeolite materials known for their capacity to absorb gases and vapours. Zeolites are aluminosilicates of either natural or synthetic origin. The crystal structure of zeolite minerals is the same in both cases. In the case of natural zeolites, there are commonly found impurities that limit their effectiveness. For this reason, synthetic zeolites are more widely useful. Whether natural or synthetic, zeolites are classified as a clay-like material due to their silicate origin.

Zeolites obtained by synthesis in the laboratory adopt the form of powder and are therefore difficult and messy to use. ASORBIO is a revolutionary product because of the granulation of the synthesized zeolite, which enables outstanding performance in the absorption of unpleasant odours and moisture.

ASORBIO can be used in households to remove unpleasant odours in waste cans, footwear, refrigerators, litter boxes, and other pet areas.

It can also be used to reduce stuffiness in spaces that are poorly ventilated such as caravans, boats, and basements. Zeolite is used in industry as a desiccant in foundries, chemical industry, transportation, electronics, pharmacies, as well as carriers for perfumes, minerals, and vitamins in feed. It is also used for improving the values ​​of a plastic and many other purposes.