We spend a lot of time in our cars. Sometimes unpleasant odours linger in the small closed space. In addition, the interior of caravans, recreational vehicles, and boats may become stuffy and damp especially if they are not used regularly and properly ventilated. Many people try to cover these odours with perfumed air fresheners, but the unpleasant odours are not eliminated. At the same time, air fresheners can be aggressive, allergenic, and may even damage the vehicle.

ASORBIO Vehicles is a safe and environmentally friendly solution for cars, caravans, recreational, boats, as well as for other small spaces such as bungalows. Simply place ASORBIO in the vicinity of unpleasant odours in order to achieve freshness. An ASORBIO pad maintains freshness for approximately 30 days. In the case of very intense odours that are difficult to remove, the use and frequent replacement of multiple pads is recommended.