Unpleasant odours linger in a refrigerator or a freezer for two reasons: first, because of food with a strong odour, or second, because of food that has spoiled during an extended absence or power outage.

ASORBIO Refrigerator provides a simple solution for unpleasant odours. Because ASORBIO is itself odour-free, it does not affect the flavour and taste of food in the refrigerator, but quickly and naturally prevents the formation of odours from fish, cheese, cabbage, onions, and other foods.

Place an ASORBIO pad in your refrigerator or freezer. You will be surprised how quickly all unpleasant odours will disappear and at how long the effect lasts.

ASORBIO is an orgaic product, based on the mineral zeolite, which is used as a feed supplement for animals. Therefore, it is completely safe to use in the proximity of food. One pad is effective in a refrigerator or a freezer with a capacity of 350 litres for approximately one month.