Unpleasant odour in footwear is a common problem. Despite efforts to prevent it – such as purchasing footwear made ​​from high-quality materials, regular cleaning and ventilation of footwear, the use of insoles and sprays – unpleasant odours often persist.

ASORBIO quickly and efficiently absorbs unpleasant odours and moisture, thus effectively eliminating them. Unlike many sprays and insoles, ASORBIO is an organic product that is completely safe and anti-allergenic.


We recommend placing ASORBIO Footwear pads in your shoes immediately after use. You will be surprised how fresh and odour-free your shoes will be when you put them on the next time. ASORBIO also eliminates unpleasant odours from footwear that has not been worn for some time.

ASORBIO Footwear includes five packages of two multiple use pads.