Unpleasant odours often emanate from waste containers in and around our homes, especially those for biological and mixed waste since they are collected only occasionally and when completely full. Many studies have shown that waste separation in households is seen as an unpleasant task primarily due to the unpleasant odours emitted.

ASORBIO Waste effectively eliminates these unpleasant odours. Convenient packaging enables the use of an appropriate amount of ASORBIO in garbage cans. ASORBIO has an immediate effect in eliminating odours in the waste containers and in the vicinity around them.

Because ASORBIO is made on the basis of the mineral zeolite, which can be found in the earth’s crust, it is completely organic and sustainable, and therefore can be deposited directly into containers for biological waste.

The packaging includes 350 grams of ASORBIO Waste, which is sufficient for approximately 30 days use in the average household.